Neotek was found in 1950 by Avram Hancerli. The company mission is to provide the best and the most quality for their clients. Neotek Group departments are; Nese Furnishing, Neotek Chemicals, Neotek Office & Furniture have become the standard-setters of their field in a short time in Turkey.

Neotek Furnishing is the first subsidiary of Neotek Group, started to manufacture many products in 1950s when national production was fairly poor. The company was founded with the idea of easing the lives of Turkish consumers. Tarred floor cloth, steel curtain rails and double-sided plastic table cloth are few of the many firsts. Neotek Chemicals, another subsidiary of Neotek Group, was founded in 1988 in order to supply raw material of synthetic leather industry in Turkey. The company has been one of the leader of its sector in the country.

Neotek Office, was established in 1998 with distribution of well known office & design furniture companies. Neotek has been furnishing functional, modern, design spaces with architectural contract projects. Neotek Events was founded in 2010, under furniture department, which gives professional rental design furniture services to all kinds of events. Neotek continues to create and makes differences in its sector.